Solar Parabolic Trough System (CSP)

System Description

These systems provide large-scale power generation from the sun and, because of their proven performance, are gaining acceptance in the energy marketplace. Parabolic trough is a type of solar thermal collector and a high performance & high efficient Parabolic Trough Concentrator Solar collector for use in Industrial process heat application and utility scale Solar thermal power plants. Parabolic-trough collectors can also drive absorption cooling systems or other equipment that runs off a thermal load.


By tracking the sun from sunrise to sunset, the parabolic Trough collectors concentrate the sun’s radiation with their parabolic mirror facets on the absorber tubes along their focal line. Through these absorber tube circulates a heat transfer fluid (HTF) and then deliver the thermal energy to a heat exchanger, where it generates steam for power generation or industrial processes. This fluid can be efficiently heated up to 4000C.

Features & Advantages
         Wide range of Thermal applications
         Reduction of Co2 emission.
         Wide range of working Temperature.
         Economic & easy to clean and maintainable.
         Precise and smart Solar tracking system.
         Maximum efficiency for Solar thermal solutions.
         Flexible and easy to installed.


Applications of Solar Parabolic Trough System

·         Any industry who require heat energy for their application that we can fulfil by Solar Technology.

·         Pharmaceutical industries who require stable and constant temperature steam for drying & other process.

·         Chemical industries who require up to 250°C temperature of oil or steam for process application.

·         Dairy industries, who require uniform temperature in different place for pasteurisation of milk or any other product they can use.



Technical Specifications of Solar Parabolic Trough System

Design Specification

Description / Units

Collecting Area

Collector Length

Collector Width

Rim Angle

Geometric Concentrating Ratio

Receiver Type

Tube Diameter

Tube Length

Focal Length

Max. Wind Load Capacity

Reflector & Coating

60 m2

12 m

5 m



Solar Selective Coated with < 103 bar Vacuum

70 mm

4060 mm

1.6 m

100 Km/hr

Highly Reflective Polished Al. Sheet with Weather Resistance

Heat Transfer Fluid

Mineral or Synthetic Oil / Water



Thermal Power Output

Temperature Range

Max. Operating Pressure of Tube

System Efficiency

< 28 KW

Upto 4000C

< 40 bar

< 60%

Optical Efficiency


Receiver Absorptivity

Receiver Tube Emissivity

Mirror Reflectivity

< 96 %

< 12 % at 4000C

> 93 %

Tracking System


Type of Tracking System

Type of Driving System

Solar Tracking Accuracy

Single Axis Precise Tracking system

Self-Locking Motor driving System





·         The efficiency of the solar concentrators could vary depending on the installation’s location and orientation, climatic conditions paint design adopted and the fossil fuel which is being substituted.

·         Defined as (Gross Thermal Power)/(Solar Power) at 800 W/m2 of direct normal incident solar radiation and 4000C heat transfer fluid temperature.


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